The ‘Darlings’ of Dallas

Ruth Davis was the matriarch, hotel owner and African-American socialite of the Davis family in 1940s south Dallas, TX.  She doted on her three children all named after she and her husband Robert Davis.  They were the first -born daughter, Bobbie Jean, Robert Powell, Jr. also known as brother, and the baby girl, Ruth Carmen.

The Davis children experienced the best that Jim crow Dallas had to offer and the class and style of Robert ‘Pops’ and Ruth ‘Mama D’ Davis was passed on to their offspring. This fact did not go unnoticed by their mates.  When the young Davis’ were out on the town with their better halves the story goes that Clyde, Bobbie Jean’s husband made a misstep with his bride.  “Man, do you know who you’re with?”, ask James, the newlywed Ruth Carmen’s husband.  “These are Mama D’s darlings-  You don’t mess with Mama D’s darlings!!”

From then on the Davis children, their children, and their children’s children became known as Mama D’s Darlings, and the legacy of class and style continues on.

H. Darling is a tribute and testament to this familial legacy of style and elegance.  Mama D’s darling’s are smart, edgy, sophisticated, and renown aestheticians among many social circles.  Not to be confused with today’s “socialite;” a Darling is more like royalty- quietly seducing those in her presence with a perfect picture of eclectic design and style on her person and in her home.


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