“It’s all about the dress!” -The Iconic Fashions of Vicky Tiel…

Vicky Tiel- Wardrobe Designer for hit comedy,”What’s new Pussycat.”

A recent excursion to New York City warranted my return to an old stomping ground on the Upper East Side.  In the midst of shopping for a client, I piddled my way around the 80’s, back to a small, neighborhood consignment shop I’d frequent when ‘The Big Apple’ was called home. Casually leafing through, my eyes locked immediately on perhaps the most brilliant sliver of fabric I had ever seen- it was love at first sight!  Embedded in the midst of an over crowded clothing rack, I parted the sea of wonderful contemporary threads and emerged with quite a remarkable treasure; a collectible, vintage cocktail dress from the fabulous haute couture designer, Vicky Tiel.

Known as the inventor of the mini-skirt ( -I mean, really- need I say more…?), Tiel began receiving recognition for her exquisite works while studying at the exclusive Parson’s School of Design.  Upon graduation she received  the high praise and recognition of the influential Herald Tribune, proclaiming her Parson’s most successful and creative student of the year.  After graduation, Tiel ventured to France to begin her design career where her eye-catching minis catapulted her to the forefront of Paris fashion.  She signed on as costume designer for Woody Allen’s hit comedy “What’s New Pussycat,” and became business partners with her dear friend and client, Elizabeth Taylor. Together they opened her Paris boutique on the fashionable Rue Bonaparte; a long time magnet for a clientele that reads as a ”who’s who” list of the world’s highest profile celebrities.


On the hunt for more information regarding my newly uncovered treasure, I discovered that up until only a few months ago, Vicky Tiel was still designing for clients who commissioned her work through Bergdorf Goodman.  But according to one source, she has since dismantled her office and is currently no longer in the business.  Such sad news, however, is always good for a collector…!!  So, to all my vintage heads out there- keep your eyes peeled; ’cause a little Vicky Tiel in your collection will have you feeling like you’ve struck gold!

Vintage Vicky Tiel is still available for purchase at Bergdorf Goodman.

Also, check out her new book:  It’s All About The Dress – What I’ve learned in 40 Years About Men, Women, Sex and Fashion.



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