So Long, Savage Beauty!

Hurry!!  There’s only one day left to catch the greatest art exhibition to ever exist- Alexander McQueen’s – Savage Beauty ends tomorrow, August 7, 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

-And for those of you unable to make it over in the next 24 hours, get a sneak peak here of what you’ve missed…


Best known for his shockingly provocative runway productions, McQueen is quite possibly the most talented artist of our time. His vision, execution and attention to detail illustrate the story of life from the perspective of duality; strength and fragility; love and war; passion and play.

As a young girl, I’d accompany my Godmother to various art exhibits around the city of Los Angeles. When we found pieces that she or I particularly liked, she would only ask me one question; “What do you see…?”  It was then, I began to discover the true value of creation and interpretation; the foundation of all experience- or, what many would call philosophy.  As I view the work of Alexander McQueen, I see an extremely intense expression of energy stretching far beyond its threads.  The fantasies of color dance in euphoric rhythms so fluid, you may loose yourself to the authenticity of it’s symphony.   Yet, its dichotomy will ground you abruptly with the suspense and urgency of a darker mood; clever in its construction; Gothic in its finish.

Red and black ostrich feathers and glass medical slides painted red Courtesy of Alexander McQueen

-Okay, but doesn’t this look like the corner of an Armani Exchange store…?

Cabinet of Curiosities

This dress on the right is of one of McQueen’s most memorable creations.  His Spring/Summer 2009 show featured two transient robots spray painting a live, rotating model wearing the once all white dress.  It was quite spectacular! Check out that, and other runway footage here:

And, did you know McQueen pioneered in the low-rise denim trend…??  -Yes, with a skirt that actually displays a hearty portion of crack!

” One of his most iconic designs in this  particular gallery is the “bumster.” And there’s a lot of  mythology around the bumster—that he was inspired by the  builder’s bum. In McQueen’s mind, it was an experiment in  elongating the body. For McQueen, the most exciting part of  anybody’s body, male or female, was the bottom of the spine.  And the bumsters is really about showcasing that part of the  body.”

Going back to the process of creation, and its interpretation, we see the effects on society as it is shaped and trended by an individual(‘s) thought or idea.  So, we probably could have done without an era in fashion ass-out, but the real interest here transcends a statement of style.  Several social ideas and other demographical behaviors   come to mind when pondering the inspiration behind such an idea… – but I digress.  He was the son of a social science scholar, and notorious for making his own statement on social and political issues via the medium of fashion.  What a gift to us all!

What do YOU see?

McQueen Black Duck Feathers Fall 2009-10

“The exhibition, organized by The Costume Institute, celebrates the late Alexander McQueen’s extraordinary contributions to fashion. From his Central Saint Martins postgraduate collection of 1992 to his final runway presentation, which took place after his death in February 2010, Mr. McQueen challenged and expanded the understanding of fashion beyond utility to a conceptual expression of culture, politics, and identity... The exhibition features approximately one hundred ensembles and seventy accessories from Mr. McQueen’s prolific nineteen-year career…” 

Romantic Primitivism

“McQueen doggedly promoted freedom of thought and expression and championed the authority of the imagination. In so doing, he was an exemplar of the Romantic individual, the hero-artist who staunchly follows the dictates of his inspiration.”


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