Prada Wearing Devil is An Angel to Obama Campaign

The recent decision to raise America’s debt ceiling, -like most fiscal policy effected in the last decade, only reprieved the nation slightly of yet another economic catastrophe.  So what S&P downgraded our nations credit rating from AAA to AA…?  As my cohort, J. Taylor sardonically puts it: “Whats an “A” among friends…?”  Met with continued encumbrance in a system truly designed to fail its’ participants, President Obama continues to save the nation.  And, with the help of a certain Prada-wearing, little Devil, will continue to do so in style.

Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, will co-host her second fundraiser for President Obama, along with entertainment mogul, Harvey Weinstein this Thursday August 11th. Originally, the event was scheduled to take place July 18th, but was postponed due to the urgency of the debt-ceiling crisis.  Nearly thirty Obama supporters among fashion and entertainment’s elite will rendezvous at Weinstein’s home in New York’s West Village to raise $2 million dollars for the Obama Victory Fund, as well as the Democratic National Committee.  Tory Burch, Alicia Keys, and Quentin Terantino are among the few expected in attendance of this small dinner and intimate discussion with the President himself.


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