My Fashion Data Base

Who would’ve thought Zoe Saldana to be such a fashion pioneer!?  (-in her own right, anyway…)  In the recent launch of, Zoe, along with fiance Keith Britton, has given fashion lovers and industry professionals a community all their own.

The website basically catalogs “…every magazine shoot, cover and [ad] campaign a model, photographer, make-up artist or celebrity is involved in…” with the purpose of giving credit, where credit is due.  Of course, you’re probably wondering what use this is to us regular folk; -well, imagine all of your favorite brands in every magazine ever published, bound together to create one never-ending issue!!  (Sans the articles, of course-) It’s a little overwhelming at first, but a good resource for my fellow fashionistas and industry professionals looking to connect.

The site is still brand new and there are gaps of information yet to be populated.  In less than a year however, I see this site becoming quite common among all of fashion’s elite.

There is also a plan to launch MyFBD Vintage, which will include covers  and ad campaigns of past decades.  Very exciting news for the Darling camp; -thanks, Zoe!


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