For My Mans ‘n Them…

Finally! -A post dedicated to all the men out there looking to make a good, fashionable impression. What better place to start, than with the extremely versatile, staple wardrobe item in every man’s closet; – the dress shirt!  (…Hold the yawn-) “These shirts are the workhorses: trusted and worn often, suitable for any occasion. You can easily pair them with a suit and tie, or wear them under a sweater, or open with wool or cotton slacks, even smart denim.” – But, not just any dress shirt!

Now, if you’re like most men, you have probably identified a certain retailer or brand that’s an automatic “go-to” for dress shirts and other wardrobe needs.  You are confident or content with the price point, convenience, and/or comfortability of your current selection and generally plan to stick to it.  In recent years, I have come to realize most men are just as sensitive and judicious about their self image as women.   Unfortunately, they tend to be most adverse to change.   If you don’t know the difference between “oxfford” and “twill,” or are unfamiliar with a “spread” collar, chances are you could use a little help updating your look.  “[Other] tell-tale signs: sloppy sleeves that drape extra fabric, shoulder seams that sag off your shoulder, and blousy bodies that billow in the slightest breeze.”  – Yes, man- we are talking to you!!

Our solution? -Get yourself together with at least 2-3 shirts that fit.  Hugh and Crye, at, delivers men’s apparel, specifically shirts, based on a revolutionary sizing system.  This Euro inspired, DC-based company is the perfect cross between a pricey tailor, and the ill-fitting ready made selection you already own.  Trust us; the difference in fit is an important detail that makes all the difference in creating a fashionable image.


And while we’re at it, H. Darling also recommends visiting the guys at Be Better for a more holistic approach.  From grooming and health, to boozing and relationships, Be Better Guys also lends some great fashion advice here: .  Plus, we just love their slogan: “-A guys guide to getting a life.”

Until next time-


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