Inside the Mind of a Darling…

Let’s talk about truth…

The truth is, H.Darling is an ever-expanding world that seeks to highlight the beauty of our existence.  So far, we have covered the creative aesthetic of fashion from a number of angles; artistically, politically, historically, men, women, trends, etc.  To come, we will explore more on interior design, travel, philosophy, culture, and last- but certainly not least, the inner beauty of ourselves.

The truth is, H. Darling is a dynamic expression of one women’s life experience and vision.  With this blog, I have made a commitment to speak the truth; to make it interesting and seductive, thought provoking and informative.  I will not compromise this commitment with rhetoric of a lesser standard.

With that said, there are times when the subject of beauty -just as life- becomes challenging to approach.  There are times it’s brilliance is more subtle, or abstract; times it can’t be transcribed or explained.  Like a lesson, it may be hard to get; and sometimes you just have to sit in it.

For me, wardrobe is an outward expression of how i’m feeling on the inside.  It’s like ‘playing dress up’ every day as I assume the roles of the different characters that comprise me.   The best days are when I can be true to what I feel.  While sometimes, there are days that require a character and it’s wardrobe to be present of which i’m feeling totally opposite.  -Like going to work in 98 degree weather; who doesn’t want to get naked when it’s that hot??  When at home, I am loving me without the day’s armor; comfortable and free.  And, of course getting dolled-up is the most fun!

Whatever your sentiment, know that truth is always in style.  Seek to find the elements of love and beauty in each and everything, and you too will resonate the same energy.  Lastly, be sure to accessorize with authenticity and a smile; -tried and true, it’s just the Darling way.

-Until next time, stay true to you!


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