And Now, For the Biggest Embarrassment in American History Since… (sigh)

-Surely something really really embarrassing has happen in the last 48hrs…


After disgracing our title of economic superpower, relinquishing our efforts in education and succumbing to the ailments of pop-culture, I can now say, with unwavering conviction, America has hit an all time low with this one-  As the global economy continues to resemble a battle ground complete with landmines and quicksand, we have once again fallen far behind in perhaps the largest staple to ever exist in American history; the pinnacle of enterprise, McDonald’s.  

 That’s right folks- even our beloved McDonald’s has lost it’s edge.  I never dreamed I’d see the day another nation would out do McDonald’s the way America does McDonald’s until this.  Just in time for the 2012 Olympics, McDonald’s all across the UKis rolling out a new uniform inspired by the mod sixties and television show Mad Men.  Not only will McDonald’s employees in the UK be much more fashionable in their ‘mustard’ accents and ‘McCheck’ plaid shirts, designers have committed to sustainability with an e-friendly closed loop textile process.  Looks like they’re loving it!


And to make matters worst, check out these much hotter variants of Ronald McDonald in Japan.  I wonder if Rhonda McDonald is paid as much as Ronald McDonald over there…?? 




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