I Love DC Flea!!!


Good news folks!  DC Flea has re-opened its doors, and is looking better than ever.  If you haven’t heard, Montserrat House on 9th and V Street NW (across the street from 930 Club) has become home to the most diverse fashion collective in DC.  Now, throughout the end of December, this glorious pop-up shop will offer threads, shoes, accessories and knick knacks by a rotating selection of vendors for all your holiday shopping needs!



But this is no ordinary flea. On any given night (or day for that matter) you can expect an impromptu party.  With some of the best local DJ’s stopping through to bless the one’s and two’s, live musical performances and spirit sponsored events, DC Flea brings new meaning to your vintage shopping experience.  Laides, grab your friends and go play dress-up, or bring your guy; you can shop for the both of you, and they will pacify him with a beer or shot of whiskey.    Trust me, you too will love DC Flea!

Montserrat House, 2016 9th Street NW Washington, DC 20001. http://ilovedcflea.wordpress.com/





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